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Illustration. (Nick J. Webb)

Time Trek is a method of understanding long periods of time: It converts time into a walkable path – a physical experience. When you feel the passage of time in your the feet, the age relationships of events become clearer.

Even if you understand the actual numbers, most people have difficulties grasping time scales of even hundreds or thousands of years. Millions or billions of years are practically incomprehensible. And yet, those are the time scales in which life, our planet, and the universe have had all their most important events:

Modern humans emerged some 350 000 years ago, but the human lineage begun developing already 2 million years ago. The age of dinosaurs ended 66 million years ago, after lasting over 150 million years. Multicellular animals emerged over 550 million years, and life in general roughly 4 billion years. Our Solar System is 4.6 billion years old, and the universe just short of 14 billion years old.


Time Trek is a method of learning the great story of the universe. It is an account of the world developing bit by bit, all the way from the Big Bang into its current form. Time Trek helps understand what the world is like and how it works. At the same time it provides ways to contemplate upcoming changes.

You can take a Time Trek in various ways: Take a guided trek with an expert, or walk by yourself on ready-made routes with signs and plaques, or use our mobile application. We can also build a completely new Time Trek route together with you.

Below are some examples from along the timeline we have built. Clicking the image brings you to an article with more thorough explanations!