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Let’s build a new Time Trek route!

Making Time Treks is our game, let’s begin making your version by coming up with a cool new route name!

Interested in having a Time Trek route near you? It can be used as a recreational path, an aid to teaching complex issues, or even a tourist attraction.

We are happy to help with designing the right type of Time Trek for your particular needs. We will also make sure the information content is scientifically correct, and provide support in making it both appealing and educative. Our aim is to produce a Time Trek that is understandable for the target audience of your choosing.


  • Time Trek can be designed to suit any location.
  • The depicted time period and scale can always be tweaked.
  • The aim is to produce informative Time Treks suitable for the target audience.

Just drop us a message and let’s start designing your new Time Trek!

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Things to remember when designing a new route

Time Trek is suitable for any location. The route can go along forest paths, on the streets of a city, around a parking lot, or even indoors. Even the depicted time period, its scale and practical execution can be chosen. The only criterion is that the trekker can digest the information.

Examples of the practical execution:

  • Signs: Permanent information plaques or signs, which depict events or phenomena typical to that particular time period is the most illustrative and visible way of making a route. The signs will also invite others to take the route.
  • Marked: The route will be marked with guiding ribbons, plaques, or posts. This will help the trekker stay on the correct route.
  • Temporary: The signs and guides can be collected and stored after usage. This is a perfect way of making a temporary Time Trek to help with teaching students of various grades.
  • Virtual: The route instructions and information are provided through a mobile application, online, or on a piece of paper. Use this method if putting up signs is impractical or impossible. A convenient way of providing additional info for the trekker.
  • A combination of the above or something completely different.

Examples of possible information content and time periods on the Time Trek:

  • Entire history of the Universe: a roughly 14 billion year “traditional Time Trek” extends from the Big Bang up to the modern times.
  • From Big Bang to Cosmic background radiation: A way to digest what happened during the first 380 000 years of the universe. That time period is not directly observable to us, but what do models say happened?
  • Future of the universe: The universe is predicted to exist for quite a long time still. What incidents still await us, what shall key future events be, and how do they compare to things that have already happened?
  • History of the Solar System: A 4.6 billion year trek describing the birth and development of our own star, changes in the planetary environments, key collisions between bodies, and a lot more.
  • History of Earth: The 4.6 billion year trek through geologic, biologic, chemical and physical development of our own planet.
  • History of the Moon: The 4.5 billion year long development of our nearest cosmic neighbor.
  • Biological evolution: A roughly four billion year trek from the start of life, through evolution with mass extinctions and other events, until the modern world.
  • The geologic history of [your favourite country]: In Finland, for example, a 3.5 billion year trek from the formation of our Archaean bedrock to current post-glacial times.
  • Age of reptiles: A tale of over 300 million years, providing insight into the development of dinosaurs and numerous other reptilians. This saga continues still, as the success story of contemporary lizards, snakes, crocodilians, and birds.
  • Development of hominins: A ten million year trek with a certain primate group who evolved to walk on two feet, and, eventually, started a still ongoing world tour.
  • Age of modern humans: The birth and 300 000 year long trek of Homo sapiens to the dominant species of our planet.
  • Any other time period and topic, which has enough time-sensitive content.

The design of a Time Trek route needs to consider several confining factors. These include the wishes of the land owner, the roughness of the terrain, existing paths and roads, and the time allowed for traversing the route. The information content should also fit comfortably within the chosen trek distance.