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Bulletin: High schoolers go mountain hiking and dive into the evolution of life and the universe in Time Trek summer school

March 12th, 2020


Time Trek summer high school in Utsjoki, Finland

The “Arctic Time Trek summer high school” will be held in Utsjoki, Northern Finland at the end of July. The interdisciplinary summer high school allows students to dig into the birth and development of the universe, as well as the emergence and evolution of life. The summer high school also provides also an arts course.

The summer high school will begin on July 20th and end on the 1st of August 2020. Registration deadline is in mid-June.

The venue is the Kevo Subarctic Research Institute, in the beautiful wilderness next to the Kevo national park. The Utsjoki centre is 20 kilometres away. Utsjoen keskustaan sieltä on matkaa noin 20 kilometriä.

The summer high school includes also a two-day hike in the Utsjoki mountains (fjelds).

The students will trek through the Arctic Time Trek route located in the breathtakingly picturesque mountains of Utsjoki. The route begins from the Utsjoki sami high school, goes over the Vuolleseavttetvarri fjeld to the Utsjoki church, and onwards to the Nammajavvri tipi-like hut. The trek is 14 kilometers long.

The Arctic Time Trek summer high school will look into natural history through the interplay of different sciences. The intensive course will help students understand how topics familiar from biology, physics, and geography often discuss different sides of the same thing – albeit at different scales and emphasis. The students get to hear and in some ways also experience how stars, planets and galaxies formed after the Big Bang, how geology changed and transported Earth’s crust, and how life came about and evolved into what we see today.

Those students inclined towards arts can take a course combining circus and visual arts as well as music. The course will also discuss sami culture.

In addition, future tourist guides forbthe Arctic Time Trek route will be trained alongside with the summer high school students.

Time Trek is a teching method where a long period of time is transformed into a walkable distance. It is a way of illustrating and experiencing incomprehensibly large time scales and relationships of events. The summer high school course aims to open the eyes of the students to the fluent beauty of all the world. Time Trek was developed at the University of Turku.

The project is a cooperative venture between the Time Trek association, the astronomical association Ohcejoga Utsjoen Ursa, the University of Turku, and the Summer High School association.

More about the summer high schools:
More about the Time Trek idea:

Additional information:

Jarmo Korteniemi, publicist, Time Trek
Email: jarmo.korteniemi
Phone: +358 45 636 2264

Kirsi Lehto, chair, Time Trek
Email: klehto
Phone: +358 50 338 2824

Photos and illustrations:

Route map of the Arctic Time Trek. (Aikavaellus)

Scenery from the Gávnnastaddancáhca flank, Námmájávrrit in the background. (Samuli Kotiranta)

Coffee on an open fire. (Samuli Kotiranta)

The cranberry blue. (Samuli Kotiranta)

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