Presentation about the early evolution of Earth’s crust

March 8th, 2020


Sunday evening talk: The birth history of Earth’s crust

Geologist Esa Heilimo talks about the early evoluton of the crust of our planet in the Time Trek member night on Sunday, March 22nd. Heilimo is an associate professor at the University of Turku and specializes in the development of Archaic bedrock. In his PhD thesis he showed that the oldest part of Finland is the result of an ancient crustal plate collision.

The talk will be held in the history class room of the Koulu Brewery (Eerikinkatu 18, Turku). It starts at 4 pm and lasts for about an hour, after which there is ample time for questions and conversation. Potential changes will be posted at the Facebook event pages. Previous knowledge of geology is not required. The talk will be in Finnish.

The Time Trek (Aikavaellus) member evenings are a casual and interactive opportunity to take a more thorough look at the events that have shaped our world. They will be held roughly once a month during the 2020 spring and autumn periods. Each member evening has an introductory talk which discusses a particular incident of development in the history of the universe or our planet. The nights were kicked off in February, as planetologist Jarmo Korteniemi talked about the birth, evolution and future of the Moon.

Additional information:

Jarmo Korteniemi, publicist, Time Trek
Email: jarmo.korteniemi
Telephone: 045 636 2264

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