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Bulletin: Astrobiology summer high school in Tuorla


Astrobiology summer high in Tuorla, Kaarina

The Time Trek association organizes the “Astrobiology summer high school” in 25th to 30th of June 2022. It is meant for students in high schools and other secondary level institutions , as well as adult students. The venue is the Tuorla observatory and nearby facilities in Kaarina.

The summer high school will introduce you to the requirements of live in the universe, in different planetary systems, and various planets. The best example will obviously be life and its evolution here on Earth.

During the last day of the school the pupils will leisurely travel through the entire history of the universe. The route will be 14 kilometers long Time Trek, where time will be transferred into distance. Each metre of the trip will translate into a million years. This way the critical moments in the evolution of the cosmos and life will come by in the order they occurred. At the end of the trek the group will get to explore the zoological museum of the University of Turku.

The aim of the summer school is to begin to perceive how the development of the cosmos and the surface environment of a planet will produce the conditions suitable for life. The students will learn what life is, how it came to be and then evolved, and how life interacts with our own planet. They will also get to speculate on possible life on other planets, as well as future of life on Earth.

The venue of the summer high school is the flourishing and historical Tuorla region in Kaarina. Teaching will take place in the premises of the Avaruuspuisto Väisälä, whereas housing will be within walking distance at the Tuorla guest house. The picturesque place is located on the shore of Kuusistonsalmi.

Evening activities will include various free time things, such as seeing planetarium shows, sauna, rowing on Kuusistonsalmi, as well as social get togethers by the bonfire or at the beach.

Details in short form:

More info: The rector, docent Kirsi Lehto. Email, tel. 050 – 338 2824

(Jarmo Korteniemi) Title image: Samuli Kotiranta

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