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Examples of the Time Book contents.

  • The Time Book provides further insight to the events along the 14 kilometer Time Trek route. The in-depth guide narrates the story of the universe thoroughly. It suits both those who walk the Time Trek as additional material, and those who cannot travel the distance.
    • Language: Only Finnish
    • Details: Ari Brozinski, Harry Lehto, Kirsi Rajala and Kirsi Lehto (toim.): Aikakirja, 2011. 104 sivua. Publisher Turku 2011 foundation. ISBN 978-951-29-4588-7.
    • Price: printed book 10 € (2019)

Examples of the Excercise Book contents.

  • The excercise book is a 43 page light guide book designed for the 14 kilometre Time Trek. It includes interesting tidbits and questions to ponder, and excercises. Especially useful for e.g. school pupils.
    • Language: Only Finnish
    • Details: Laura Vainio: Aikavaellus tehtäväkirja (Time Trek excercise book), 2011. 43 pages.
    • Price: painettu kirja 5 € (2019)

Examples of the Teacher’s Guide contents.

  • The teacher’s guide provides background information on the topics covered on the Time Trek and provides handy examples. The guide is primarily aimed at the 1.4 kilometre Science Centre Tuorla Time Trek, but works as an additional guide also on the other treks with the same length (see mobile treks below).
    • Language: Finnish and English
    • Details: Jarmo Korteniemi and Kirsi Lehto: Tuorlan 1,38 km aikavaellusreitti – Opettajan opas (Tuorla 1.38 km Time Trek route – Teacher’s guide), 2019. 15 pages.
    • Price: printed guide 2 € (2019)

Mobile application screenshots.

  • The Time Trek mobile application is a demo version of a virtual guide in development. The demo enables walking a 1.4 kilometre trek along five pre-planned routes in Finland (Turku, Kaarina, Tampere, Vantaa ja Oulu) and slightly less accurately pretty much anywhere. Uses GPS navigation and/or pedometer for distance measurement.
    • Language: Finnish and English
    • Additional information and download from the project pages:
    • Details: Aikavaellus, 2019. Ludocraft Oy and Aikavaellus ry.
    • Price: Free demo version!

  • Guided Time Treks: We offer expert guided Time Treks for the public. Instructions and form for booking these is available on a separate page,

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