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Time Trek from Kaarina to Turku

Tuorla–YliopistonmĂ€ki (14 km)

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ReittipisteetReitin kuvaus: The route begins in Kaarina and takes the trekker past forests, fields, and residental districts along quiet gravel and asphalt roads towards Turku. It ends on YliopistonmÀki, next to the main building of the University of Turku. This semi-urban route is excellently suited for a day trip on a bicycle or on foot.

Reittikartta Aikavaellukselle Kaarinasta Turkuun (yleiskuvaus ja alku).

The Time Trek from Kaarina to Turku will explore the history of the universe from its very beginning to current times. The topics will touch upon all natural sciences. This route with academical preciseness is best suited for students of natural sciences, and others enthusiatic about natural history. This Time Trek is an official tourist attraction of the University of Turku.

Important waypoints are marked with brass plates attached to large granite boulders or separate stands. Their short descriptions note important events along the long history of the universe. Additional explanations are available on the timeline on these pages, and the events are even further elaborated in the printed Time Book (order now!). The route has also a series of geocaches (see also this).

Opastettuja vaelluksiaGuided treks: Guided treks by experts are available for booking on this route.

Tarkka kartta reitistÀ. Klikkaa suuremmaksi.

SaapumisohjeetArrival: The route begins from the VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie tunnel in Kaarina (map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps) and ends at the YliopistonmĂ€ki hill in Turku (Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). As you arrive, exit Helsingintie (road 101) to Tuorlantie. Take the next left to VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie (next to the inn). The route begins ca. 250 metres from this crossing. We recommend arriving by bicycle or on foot, or using public transport (local buses 700–708, K2 and K5). Local public transport offers good connections to both Turku and neighbouring towns. If you arrive by car, please leave it near the inn, because VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie is very narrow in places, and it is occasionally used by large farm vehicles. If you’re trekking on your own we recommend using the accompanied map karttaa and written instructions so you stay on the right path.

Esteetön varauksellaAccessibility: The route is almost entirely accessible. There are some stairs at the end, going up the YliopistonmĂ€ki hill (on Koskenniemenkatu after turning from Kerttulinkatu; map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). However, they can be circumnavigated with a detour of ca. 100 meters (Kerttulinkatu–Henrikinkatu–Horttokuja).

Partners: The route was designed as a joint project between the University of Turku and the department of Geology and mineralogy of Åbo Akademi University, and built in cooperation with the City of Turku, Town of Kaarina and Palin Granit Oy.

KokemuksiaTrekker comments and pictures:

Kaarina-Turku route.