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Science Centre Tuorla Time Trek

Kaarina, Finland (1.4 km)

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ReittipisteetRoute description: This circular route both begins at and ends on VÀisÀlÀntie. It takes you through forest paths next to the Science Centre Tuorla and on quiet dirt roads in lush rural landscape of the Livia institute.

The route introduces several important events between the Big Bang and today. Featuring astronomical, geological, and biological milestones, the route is designed to unwrap the vast history of the universe and ourselves to the general public.

The route is equipped with information plaques, designed especially for students in junior to senior high school (13-to-18-year-olds). The route is suitable also for a younger audience, when accompanied and explained by a teacher or a guide.

A Teacher’s guide is available from us (order in advance!). For some additional content use our mobile application.

Tiedekeskus Tuorlan Aikavaelluksen reittikartta.

Opastettuja vaelluksiaGuided treks: Guided treks by experts are available for booking on this route. A thorough guided tour takes 1–2 hours. There is no need for the mobile application on a guided trek.

SaapumisohjeetArrival: The route beginss from the VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie tunnel in Kaarina (map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps) and ends ca. 70 metres from that same point. As you arrive, exit Helsingintie (road 101) to Tuorlantie. Take the next left to VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie (next to the inn). The route begins at the VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie tunnel, about 250 meters from this crossing. We recommend arriving by bicycle or on foot, or using public transport (local buses 700–708, K5; or even K2). Local public transport offers good connections to both Turku and neighbouring towns. If you arrive by car, please leave it near the inn, because VĂ€isĂ€lĂ€ntie is very narrow in places, and it is occasionally used by large farm vehicles.

Esteetön varauksellaAccessibility: Only the very beginning and the last 600 metres of the route are accessible. The intervening part uses forest paths with some stones and roots. A fully accessible option is available only as a guided trek.

Partners: The route was developed in cooperation with the high schools of Salo, Kaarina and Turun Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu, Science Centre Tuorla and Livia Institute at Tuorla. The mobile application was developed in cooperation with Ludocraft.

KokemuksiaTrekker comments and pictures:

Kaarina route. (Jarmo Korteniemi)