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Time Trek Maverick

Independent of location (1.4 km)

1,4 km reittiReittiohjaus mobiilisovelluksessaPaikannus GPS:lläPaikannus askelmittarillaSopii koululaisilleOpastettuja vaelluksia varauksellaEsteetön varauksella
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ReittipisteetRoute description: Carry out your Time Trek at your preferred location and in the way you desire. You can walk on the streets or in nature, or even in circles in your own living room.

The route introduces several important events between the Big Bang and today. Featuring astronomical, geological, and biological milestones, the route is designed to unwrap the vast history of the universe and ourselves to the general public.

The Time Trek Maverick route waypoints may be located only using our mobile application. Obviously, there are no physical plaques or signs along the route.

Note that the distance estimated by your mobile device is not accurate and may may differ from the actual travelled distance. GPS accuracy is affected by the built-in uncertainty of the measurement itself, as well as the surrounding landscape, buildings, trees, and other obstacles blocking line-of-sight between you and GPS satellites. Pedometer accuracy is in turn affected by the length of your step, your walking speed, and other movements of your body.

If you desire a precise Time Trek we recommend using pre-planned routes with fixed waypoints. Same length walks are available in several places in Finland (Turku, Kaarina, Vantaa, Tampere and Oulu).

Opastettuja vaelluksia varauksellaGuided treks: Guided treks are available, but conditions apply. Enquire if a trek guided by an expert is available at your designated location and at the desired time and date. A thorough guided tour takes 1–2 hours. The mobile application is not needed for the guided tour.

Partners: The mobile application was developed in cooperation with Ludocraft.

KokemuksiaTrekker comments and pictures:



Illustration only. (Jonny D. Green)