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Ruissalo Time Trek

Ruissalo, Turku, Finland (1,4 km)

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ReittipisteetRoute description: The 1.38 km route takes you around the Ruissalo Botanical Garden. Permanently open for the public. Begins near the entrance of the botanical gardens, goes around the outdoor garden, and ends at the southwestern corner of the garden.

The route exhibits many important events between the Big Bang and today, including astronomical, geologic, and biological milestones. The route is designed to explain details of the universe, our planet, life, and even our own development to the general public. References to the surrounding nature are essential along this route.

The route is equipped with over 30 visual information plaques.

Opastettuja vaelluksiaGuided treks: There will be weekly guided tours on this route during the summer weekends in 2021. Guided treks by experts are available for booking on this route. A thorough guided tour takes 1–2 hours.

SaapumisohjeetArrival: The route begins near the entrance of the Ruissalo botanical gardens (map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). As you come over the bridge to the Ruissalo island, continue ca. 2 km. The garden will be on your right hand side. We recommend arriving by bicycle or on foot, or using public transport (the local bus 8 goes past the garden entrance). If you come by car, it is usually best to leave on the parking lot on just before the garden (south side of Ruissalon Puistotie road) and walk the remaining 200 m.

Esteetön varauksellaAccessibility: The route is mostly accessible. The accessible alternative route goes along Rauhalantie. It is slightly longer than the actual route, but will take you to the same information plaques as the actual route.

Partners: University of Turku (Biodiversity unitRuissalo botanical garden).

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