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Ruissalo Time Trek – Additional information

The Ruissalo Time Trek

General route information

Additional information by info plaque number (links to be added shortly)

  1. Travel in Time and The Big Bang
  2. A star is born… …and dies
  3. Farthest picture (Hubble Legacy Field)
  4. Milky Way is born (globular star clusters)
  5. Elements are formed
  6. Galaxies
  7. Rocky planets
  8. Our location in the universe
  9. Quasars
  10. Milky Way (galactic disk)
  11. Oldest matter (Murchison meteorite)
  12. Expansion of the universe speeds up
  13. Mapping the cosmos
  14. Our Solar System forms and Earth
  15. Moon forms
  16. The oldest rocks
  17. Life emerges
  18. Oldest Finnish rock
  19. Oxygen revolution
  20. Mountains in Finland
  21. The origin of plants
  22. Asteroid impacts
  23. Snowball Earth
  24. Cambrian “explosion”
  25. Formation of coal
  26. The Great Dying
  27. Age of reptiles
  28. Pangea breaks up
  29. “The” impact (Chixculub)
  30. Age of mammals
  31. Ice ages
  32. Humans, Upright man, and Modern human

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