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Tohloppi lake Time Trek

Tampere, Finland (1.4 km)

1,4 km reittiReitti puistossaReittiohjaus mobiilisovelluksessaPaikannus GPS:lläSopii koululaisilleOpastettuja vaelluksia varauksellaSopii kävelyynPyöräiltävissäEsteetön reitti
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ReittipisteetRoute description: The route takes the trekker along small roads through woodlands and parklands on the west bank of the Tohloppi lake. The route starts from the north and ends on the Seita statue on Kohmankaari.

The route introduces several important events between the Big Bang and today. Featuring astronomical, geological, and biological milestones, the route is designed to unwrap the vast history of the universe and ourselves to the general public.

The Tohloppi lake Time Trek waypoints may be located only using our mobile application. There are no physical plaques or signs along the route.

Tohlopin aikavaelluksen reittikartta.

Opastettuja vaelluksia varauksellaGuided treks:Guided treks are available, but conditions apply. Enquire if a trek guided by an expert is available at the desired time and date. A thorough guided tour takes 1–2 hours. The mobile application is not needed for the guided tour.

SaapumisohjeetArrival: The route begins from around Eiplänkatu 64, between Pikkulampi pond ja Tohloppi lake (map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). A small parking lot is located on the left side of a short dead-end road towards the southwest. The route ends at the Seita statue on Kohmankaari (Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). We recommend arriving by bicycle or on foot, or using public transport (local bus #81 takes you to the start of the route). Note: it is possible to return to the starting point by going around the Tohloppi lake (adds 3.5 km to the trip).

Esteetön reittiAccessibility: Route is fully accessible.


Partners: The mobile application was developed in cooperation with Ludocraft.

KokemuksiaTrekker comments and pictures:


Tampere route start. (Jarmo Korteniemi)