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Aura river Time Trek

Turku, Finland (1.4 km)

1,4 km reittiReitti urbaanissa ympÀristössÀReittiohjaus mobiilisovelluksessaPaikannus GPS:llÀSopii koululaisilleOpastettuja vaelluksiaSopii kÀvelyynEsteetön varauksella
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ReittipisteetRoute description: The route begins from the city centre and leads up to a scenic vantage point on the top of Vartiovuori aka TÀhtitorninmÀki. On the way it takes you for a walk along the banks of the Aura river and past many cultural sites.

The route introduces several important events between the Big Bang and today. Featuring astronomical, geological, and biological milestones, the route is designed to unwrap the vast history of the universe and ourselves to the general public.

The Aura river Time Trek waypoints may be located only using our mobile application. There are no physical plaques or signs along the route.

Aurajoen Aikavaelluksen reittikartta.

Opastettuja vaelluksiaGuided treks: Guided treks are available for booking on this route. A thorough guided tour takes 1–2 hours. There is no need for the mobile application on a guided trek.

SaapumisohjeetArrival: The route begins at the intersection of LÀntinen Rantakatu and Aurakatu, at northern end of the Aura bridge in the city centre (map: Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps) and ends at the top of the VartiovuorenmÀki hill (Karttapaikka, GoogleMaps). . The area has only a limited amount of parking space. We recommend arriving by bicycle or on foot, or using public transport. Local public transport offers good connections to both Turku and neighbouring towns.

Esteetön varauksellaAccessibility: The route is accessible apart from steep stairs going up to Vartiovuori aka TÀhtitorninmÀki. An accessible option is available as a guided trek.

Partners: The mobile application was developed in cooperation with Ludocraft.

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Turku route. (Jarmo Korteniemi)