Guided treks

Opastettuja vaelluksiaThe best Time Trek experience is achieved with an expert guide! They provide background stories for the history and events in our past – about how all things are linked.

We offer both standard and customized guided Time Treks for the public. According to your preference, the extra info may be kept at a general level, or emphasised to look deeper in a particular field of science. The guided tours are especially suitable for groups.

Contact us and book a guided Time Trek for your group. Remember to note if you want to hear about a specific topic – we will attempt to get you the perfect guide.

Guided trek options:

  1. Turku region (Turku, Kaarina, Finland)
  2. Arctic Time Trek (Utsjoki, Finland)
  3. Time Trek Maverick (you choose the location)

You can book the guided trek by contacting our board members directly.

1. Guided Time Treks in the Turku region

Guided Time Trek options in and near Turku
Topic Length Time Price
Route Aura river (Turku) or Tuorla (Kaarina)
History of literally everything (universe, Earth, life, etc.) 1.4 km 1–1,5 h 100 €
History of the double planet Earth’n’Moon 0.5 km ca. 1 h 100 €
Route Kaarina–Turku
Literally everything (universe, Earth, life, etc.) – entire route 14 km 6–8 h 300 €
Earth and life – from Biolaakso to the university 4.5 km ca. 3 h 200 €
Multicellular life – from the Kupittaa park to the university 1 km n. 1 t 100 €


2. Guided Arctic Time Trek

The Utsjoki package includes coffee and sausages grilled on a campfire, and return transport from the Utsjoki church. The Arctic Time Trek can be divided in two days (8 km + 10 km). Guided tours will commence in the summer 2020 – more info later!

Guided Time Trek options in Utsjoki
Topic Length Time Price
Reitti Arktinen Aikavaellus (Utsjoki)
The universe and sami mythology from today until the Big Bang (entire route) 19 km ca. 12 h TBD
History of our own neighbourhood, from modern humans to the development of the Milky Way (from the high school to the church) ca. 8 km ca. 8 h TBD


3. Guided “Maverick” Time Trek

We can guide a Time Trek at any location you choose. The price includes designing the new route and making a map of it, guiding, and the travel expenses of the guide.

Time Trek at your place
Topic Length Time Price
History of literally everything (universe, Earth, life, etc.) 1.4 km 1–1.5 h 200 € + travel expenses